Buffleheads in Little Muscamoot Bay – Harsen’s Island

2 Nov

Well, it finally happened, the DuckVet got his first duck of the 2011-2012 season. We took three Buffleheads while hunting in Little Muscamoot Bay, Harsen’s Island, Michigan.  This was the first time I have hunted Harsen’s and the bay, therefore we set out at noon for the afternoon hunt.  It took some serious paddling in the canoe and we finally found a nice spot with the wind at our backs.   Below are a few shots of the spread, my brand new Hard Core Decoys, and my Hot Shot.

So we set out the decoys, moved the canoe and ourselves into the tall reeds and started the hunt.  Let’s just say the skies were clear and it was about 55 degrees on the water.  With such a nice fall day, there were not too many birds in action.  When I say not too many, I mean maybe 200 total.  180 of those were very high in the sky.  We managed to see about 10 Buffleheads cruising just off the lake, and I shouted out a call to get their attention.  Now here is where the miracle occurred, they turned and flew right at our decoys! At this point I almost crapped my waders!  We prepared and let them come in nice and close, took our shots and got the first ducks of the season.  As we collected the ducks, I realized my first ducks of the season were harvested.

It was a great evening on the water, and we were very happy to get some ducks.  I continue to be amazed at how great I feel after a hunting trip.  The outdoors and camaraderie of hunting continues to be a wonderful outlet for combat veterans looking for a new adventure.  If you are reading this and know someone who can help take a veteran out hunting, please contact me. Hopefully we can find a way to match up experienced hunters and veterans.

Last but not least, stay tuned as DuckVet is heading back out on Saturday.  Let’s just hope we get some more ducks.


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